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Corbridge Village Trust
Founded 1965
Amenity Society
Registered with the Civic Trust
A Registered Charity
No 517017


The work of the Village Trust
The Trust, which has a thriving membership of over 200, was formed in 1965 by concerned villagers, in order to preserve the outstanding historical and architectural heritage of the village.

Much of the village is a Conservation Area and has besides St Andrew's Church and the bridge, over fifty listed buildings and the Trust strives to retain the best characteristics of Corbridge and at the same time allowing it to thrive.

The Trust has sponsored and supported many projects over the years some of which are detailed below and often in association with the Parish Council

Regular open meetings, free to members are held on a variety of topics and the Trust is fortunate in that it is able to attract distinguished speakers.

The Trust monitors all Planning Applications and when necessary makes representations to the Planning Authorities to preserve the historic character of the village.

The Executive Committee, currently comprising eleven members, meets monthly. Minutes are shelved in both the Library and the Parish Hall. A newsletter is published each autumn and the AGM is held in May.

Some of the projects sponsored or carried out by the Trust.
1. Provision and maintenance of floodlighting of St Andrews Church (recently transferred to the Church together with the residual dedicated fund).
2. The discovery, restoration and return to Corbridge of the 13th Century Market Cross.
3. Assisting in the successful campaign to save the Charlotte Straker Hospital
4. Publication of the leaflet, "A walk of discovery around Corbridge" which has sold 35,000 copies.
5. Erection of many descriptive plaques around the village.
6. The Coigns Corner seating area, jointly with the Parish Council.

The future of Corbridge
A strong and vigorous Village Trust is needed more than ever now that Corbridge is growing at such a rapid rate with over 150 new dwellings recently completed or in course of construction. This increasingly puts a strain on local services and compounds traffic and parking problems.

 If you would like to support the work of The Trust by becoming a member, or learn more about it and we hope you will, please contact one of the following;


Richard Hart-Jackson

Appletree Lane


Hon. Secretary:
Michael Cunliffe
Westfield Manor Cottages
NE45 5HJ
Tel. 632431
Email link to the Secretary
Membership Secretary:
David Nicol
Main Street
NE45 5LE
Tel. 632867